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Mas Artivan, in Bédoin, Vaucluse.

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Inside the Mas our bedrooms

A staircase adorned with old, colourful tiles will lead you upstairs. The wrought iron banister curves elegantly as the stairs go up, past a leaning baroque style mirror, leading you to the landing where four bedrooms await to instil you with a calm and restful feeling. The windows look out onto the garden, the vineyards and a vast, lush landscape – welcome to the heart of nature!

Bedroom Tourno-soulèu

Chambre tournesol

A bright room with a typical Provençal charm, “Tourno-soulèu” invites you to relish in idleness.
As the day goes on, the typical wooden shutters add to its sunny atmosphere and romantic spirit.

Savour the authenticity of Provence!

A master suite with a large bed and a 160 x 200 top of the range mattress.
Ensuite bathroom equipped with a walk-in shower and toilet.

Bedroom Parpèu

Painted in a glorious poppy red, “Parpèu” is an elegant room with an invigorating feel, warm atmosphere and divine light, looking out onto the garden, vineyards and surrounding countryside. Feel the magic of a field of poppies in Provence when spring has sprung!

An invitation to dream…

A 160 x 200 double bed with top of the range mattress.

Chambre coquelicot

Bedroom Argièlo

Chambre argile

As soft, warm and bright as the sun rising on a soil of clay, “Argièlo” welcomes you in a peaceful atmosphere with warm, spicy hues, giving you the simple pleasure of just feeling great in a cosy atmosphere. The garden side window looks out onto lush shades of green as far as the eye can see.

Feel grounded by its earth and nature aura.

Two 90×200 single beds or one 180×200 double bed with top of the range mattresses.

Bedroom Savèu

A cosy, romantic room with neutral, natural shades, sandy hues, and an authentic feel, “Savèu” is an invitation to travel under the soft reflections of sunlight. Its wooden decor lends it a warm and soothing feel, truly healing for the soul, body and mind.

So zen!

A master suite with a 160 x 200 double bed, top of the range mattress, large walk-in wardrobe.
Ensuite bathroom with bathtub and toilet.
Note: there are a toilet and a bathroom with walk-in shower on the landing.

Chambre sable

Bedroom Lavagnou

Chambre lavande

With its countryside feel carrying the spirit of blue waves and south winds, “Lavagnou” is the ideal remedy if you’re craving the big outdoors. The outbuilding adjoined to the pool house is located further down in the garden, giving you a sense of freedom, escape and daydreaming…

into the lush landscape as far as the eye can see.

In the outbuilding that can accommodate two people and a baby/toddler:
Two 80×200 single beds or one 160×200 double bed with top of the range mattresses and one cot for a baby/toddler.
One bathroom with walk-in shower and toilet.
Air conditioner.

Sweet spices